Fear no more the thought of downsizing


If I could tell you that downsizing was as simple as finding the next “right fit” and having someone take care of the packing, moving and selling, would you move tomorrow?
Then read on…….

This should be the time to enjoy your life’s accomplishments and live a life that  fits your current and future self – not be burdened by a big house and all that “stuff.”

Does any of this resonate with you?

  • You’ve got entire rooms that go unused (and you’re paying for that!)
  • The repairs, to-do list, and the maintenance bills keep mounting.
  • The lawn, the upkeep and the cleaning are more than you want to handle.
  • The taxes, utilities and insurance continue to rise.
  • The closets, attic and garage are bulging with stuff you haven’t used in years.

Let me tell you what Rightsizingtm is:
 We set up a time for a free, no obligations conversation. I’ll discuss with you the current market value of your house, and your thoughts on what that next home looks like, as well as a timeline (remember, this conversation can and should start at any time).
 Curious about a hi-rise condo, a town home on the Beltline, or Independent Living? Let’s schedule  some time to see these places together. If its a place out of Atlanta, I have a great network of referral agents.  This is a time to explore and envision. You’ll find places you love and places you hate, and that’s all a part of the process.

 Once you determine what that next right fit is, it’s time to coordinate with my Transitions Team. Working with a  personalized and customized floorplan of your new place, the team will consult with you on what furniture and items go with you, and what you want to do with absolutely everything else (including the junk drawers!)

 You’re ready to move. You’re ready to sell. You’re ready to buy. We discuss the strategy and timeline that fits your needs. Sometimes it’s easier to buy first, and I’ve got some great mortgage lenders to help with that. 
Call me, let me show you how simple stepping into your new life can be.
I understand how stressful and overwhelming the thought of selling your home is and yet I know how happy my clients are once they’ve made that move. I care about my clients and understand that for some change is easy, and for others not so much. (Ask me about my 87 yr. old, headstrong mother who is going through this Rightsizing process!)  Call me or email SueSullivan@KW.com and let’s set up a time to meet. Please pass my Rightsizing information along to friends, family and neighbors. We all know someone who needs this!